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5:16 PM Jun 7th 2012
Haunted Justice

*Chapter Five*


Andrew Ford paced back and forth around his apartment. His killing tools lay out in front of him on an oak table. He had picked out his new kill and wondering what he should do this time. He had become bored with knives a little while ago. Wires were handy, but they hurt the palms of his hands every time he used them.

"So many ways, so little time." Andrew thought to himself. Then the idea struck him. He walked into his living room and opened the cage, dragging his prize possession out. He pulled his prize possession into the room with his tools and shoved him hard into the table. His prized possession fell to the floor with a thud.

"Get up!" Andrew screamed.

His prized possession stood up wobbling, the cage that Andrew kept his prize possession in all day clearly taking a toll on its growth.

"Pick one." Andrew growled.

His prize possession pointed to a rope. Andrew hadn't used the rope in a while, not since his seventieth kill. Picking up the rope, Andrew slid the tan fibers between his large, muscle hands. Perfect.

Andrew grabbed his prized possession by its green collar and brought it back to the living room. He shoved it in its cage and slammed the cage door shut, locking it. Andrew twirled the wonderful rope between his fingers and walked out of the apartment and into the night.

Andrew had some work to do.

Oh, how he loved his job.

James and Carlos both flinched at the sound of hearing Kendall scream. James wiped his tears and ran out of his room just in time to stop Carlos from entering. James ripped Carlos back so hard that Carlos flew back into a wall and fell to the floor with a thud. Guilt instantly washed over James as he helped Carlos up.

"Carlos, I'm sorry…" James said.

Carlos gave a faint smile and nodded his head. He knew James was looking out for him. Kendall was probably having a nightmare or was in one of his moods. The memory of when Kendall punched Carlos rushed through the Latino's brain. He wasn't going down that road again.

Kendall's sobs grew louder and louder as a knock came at the front door. James and Carlos left Kendall's untouched door and walked to the front hall together. Carlos opened the door to find an envelope sitting on the floor. Carlos picked it up and opened it while James's peered over his shoulder.

I thought you stopped looking for me, but then I heard Kendall's screams. Maybe he would stop screaming if you stop looking for me.


Rage rushed through Carlos and James. Both boys looked at each other and raced down the hallway of their building. Lights flickered over their heads as they raced down the stairs and into the night. James ran one way while Carlos ran the other.

James heard a laugh and turned left into an ally. He whipped out the pocket knife from his pant pocket and held in front of him as he cautiously made his way down the ally.

"Show yourself!" James screamed at the top of his lungs.

Another laugh came from James's right side. He spun around and found himself face to face with a red graffiti covered wall. James touched the wall and found the paint was still wet. But the paint was sticky. Bringing his fingers up to his nose, James smelt the substance on his fingers. Blood.

Then an arm wrapped around his neck and pulled him back into a hard body.

"Miss me?" Andrew Ford hissed into his ear.

James struggled against Andrew's tighten grip around his neck. He thrashed around the man's grip to no avail.

"I didn't know you and James were having a reunion here Andrew. Why wasn't I invited?"

Andrew's grip loosened on James as his head whipped around to see Kendall standing at the edge of the ally, his eyes burning with anger. James tripped Andrew to the ground but Andrew raised a knife and stabbed James in his arm. James screamed in pain and fell to the ground, the knife still lodged in his arm. Kendall instantly ran to his fallen friend's side as Andrew ran off.

"No! Forget me! Get Ford!" James screamed while waving hand in the direction Andrew ran off.

Kendall nodded and raced off after Andrew. Andrew's footsteps were replaced by the sound of his insane laughter. Kendall's footsteps echoed off the walls like Andrew's laughter. In the dark, Kendall could just make out the form of Logan's murderer. Kendall quickened his running and leaped forward, gravity bringing him crashing down onto Andrew. The two men wrestled on the concrete floor, throwing punches as blood splattered all over the place. Andrew got the upper hand and Kendall ended up with his back pressed against the ground as Andrew repeatedly punched him in the face.

"You. Could. Have. Done. Anything. With. Your. Life" Andrew said between swings "Yet. You. Chose. To. Hunt. Me!" Andrew finished with one final blow to Kendall's face, knocking him unconscious.

"He's gone Knight. And he isn't coming back to you, ever." Andrew said while getting off Kendall. Andrew reached into his back pocket and pulled out a picture, opened Kendall's hand, placed the picture in the man's hand and fled into the night.
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