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11:36 PM Nov 25th 2012
♔Friends With Benefits♔Justin Bieber Love Story♔BLS♔

Chapter 9

-Your P.O.V.-

Me:Aye, Ryan, Chaz come here

Ryan:What we done wrong

Me:Nothing. Why is Justin acting….wired?

They both raised an eyebrow at me. I was looking at them with a “You should know” look, but they both shook their heads. I let out a sigh.

Me:I’m gonna go and talk to him again

Ryan:Alright. Me and Chaz are gonna get the BBQ all set up


I ran up the stairs and knocked on Justin’s door. I walked in and saw him laying on the bed. On his stomach. I know….I walked up to him before I got on top of him and layed down on him. I stroked some of his hair before I heard him chuckle a bit, which made me smile. I felt him turn round and I was now on top of him, on his waist. I could tell he liked it, seeming his hands were on my hips and he was biting his lip down.

Justin:That was a nice thing to do *wink*

Me:Do you want me to do it more often?

I leaned down and he was still biting his lip. He nodded his head a bit, before I smirked. I brushed my lips against his and I saw him smile. I felt him lean up and I felt his lips press onto mine. I felt his arms go round my waist and mine went round his neck. I began to straddle his waist and began to grind on him a bit, making him moan into the kiss. After a few minutes of doing that, I felt him and he was hard. I pulled from the kiss and I saw him pout.

Justin:I was enjoying that you know

Me:I think you did…a bit too much

Justin:Not my fault you turn me on

I smirked at him before I kissed him again. He fell back and I began to grind on him again. I released my lips from his and he was trying so hard to keep a moan in ;) I laughed and got off him….well I tried too. He got on top of me and began to kiss up and down on my neck, making me wet. I felt him lick on my neck before I felt him bite down, making me gasp. He licked the part of my neck where he bit and I think he’s left a hickey….

Me:Did you?

Justin:Sort of…yeah

I rolled my eyes playfully at him before I felt him peck my lips again.

Justin:You tease me, I’ll tease you

Me:Really now?

Justin:Yes really

I smirked at him. I took off his top to reveal his six pack. I traced a finger along it and I heard him moan a bit. His head was titled back a bit. I looked down and saw him getting bigger. His hands were now on the bed. His legs were a bit open. I slid down off the bed, keeping Justin there ;) I giggled before I ran out.

Justin:NO FAIR

I laughed. I looked behind and saw Justin running after me. I ran into the garden, where Ryan and Chaz were setting up everything for the BBQ. I felt Justin’s arms collide with my waist before he picked me up. I wrapped my legs round his waist and my arms round his neck. I tugged the back of his hair before I heard Chaz say

Chaz:No PDA outside

Justin:I’ll go inside with *Your Name* then

I felt Justin run and I giggled. Me and Justin haven’t been like this since the first time we became “Friends With Benfits” but this time, it felt different. It just felt like me and him were acting like boyfriend and girlfriend and not as “Friends With Benefits” I saw him walk into the living room before he sat down on the couch and I was on his lap, well my legs were either side of him and he was still shirtless ;)

Justin:You little tease

He growled in my ear and I had to admit, that was a turn on

Me:You tease me, I’ll tease you

I hissed in his ear. I looked and saw he was biting his lip down slightly.

Justin:I’m gonna miss you when I go back on tour

Me:Same here

Justin:Ain’t you coming with me though?


I saw Justin smile before he kissed me. This time, the kiss was full of love. It was passionate. It wasn’t full of lust….this is just getting wired now…I felt his lips release from mine and I saw him smile. His arms were round my waist.

Justin:Your curves fit where they’re supposed to fit

He whispered sexually to me. I felt his forehead touch mine, which made me smile and blush at the same time.

Justin:You are so damn cute when you blush *smiles*

I looked down and blushed a deep red colour. I felt his fingers go under my chin and his lips collided with mine again, making him smile in the kiss. After 5 minutes, he released his lips from mine. I looked into his brown/hazel eyes and I saw….love. Not lust but love…..does he really love me? I mean, not as being friends with benefits but being as boyfriend and girlfriend? I know….

Me:You know how you asked me about going out and all that

My hands were now on his chest and his were still on my waist and I saw him nod his head.

Me:Do you want to give it a go?

I titled my head to the side a bit. I saw him smile big. All of a sudden his lips crashed with mine. Full of passion and love. I smiled in the kiss and I felt him smile. We both pulled away, breathing heavy.

Justin:I would love too and I love you baby

He pecked my lips before I giggled.

Me:Love you too baby

I gave him a quick peck. I was about to get up but no, he wanted me to stay on him. He carried me into the garden for the BBQ. We all had to wait for the crew to arrive. When they did, Justin told them about me and him going out and he was really happy and excited….I really hope it does work out though.
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